Surrogacy Procedure

GENESIS IVF ADVANCED FERTILITY CENTRE is one of the best centres offering surrogacy treatment for the couples across India. The whole procedure is carried out in an absolute transparent manner with an individual surrogate Lawyer involved in all stages of treatment. If a couple wishes to undergo surrogacy treatment, in the very first visit to our centre, we provide a complete counseling to the couple regarding the whole procedure including financial and legal counseling. The whole procedure would be carried out in a transparent way in accordance with ICMR principles and guidelines. The unique highlight of our centre is Lawyer .Thirugnanasambandham who is the First exclusively trained Surrogate lawyer of Tamilnadu. We are proud to have delivered more than 400 surrogate mothers and continues to be the leading centre of Tamilnadu in Surrogacy treatment since 20 years.


  • Counseling of the couples – regarding Treatment & Legal procedures
  • The couples may choose the surrogate mother in accordance with ICMR guidelines
  • Planning IVF treatment for the couples
  • Pregnancy confirmation and complete pregnancy care
  • Delivery
  • Legal proceedings with the issuance of Birth Certificate