Stimulation of Ovaries

Normally a women after attaining menarche will produce one egg per month around 14 th day after menstrual period. For our In Vitro Culture program, one egg may not suffice and the whole procedure and success depend on the number and quality of the eggs obtained. So , we hyper stimulate the ovaries in a safe manner using a method called controlled ovarian hyperstimulation by “Down Regulation” under long protocol. After downregulating the system we give Hormone injections of International Quality e.g. Rec. FSH, Pure FSH, HMG, etc which helps the wife to produce more number of better quality eggs. The dose and number depends on the age, weight and the Basal hormonal status of the women.

We teach the spouse to give injections to his wife since most of the medicine comes in self injectable syringes . Once the follicles harbouring the eggs reach sufficient size “egg pick up” is planned and the whole procedure is explained to the couple. The nature of anesthesia could be the couple’s choice, provided it doesn’t alter the egg quality. Usually we give IV analgesia for shorter time.