Dr.Sri Revathy Sadasivam

Professional Fertility Consultant in India

Dr. Sri Revathy Sadasivam , currently works as a Fertility Consultant in Erode Maaruthi Medical Centre and Hospitals. She has completed her Masters and DNB in Obstetrics and Gynecology in India , both of which she completed with flying colours and University Honours. She was a Gold Medallist in her Post Graduate examination. Subsequently she followed her passion abroad by completing Masters in Reproductive Medicine accredited by the British Fertility Society.

She was trained in some of the state of art facilities which helps her provide comprehensive clinical care and services for Infertility patients to maximize their chance of success. She has completed her Embryology training under a veteran of the field in Australia to get a thorough and unparalleled understanding of Reproductive Medicine. She bears the pride of bearing MRCOG degree from London Royal college of Obstetrics and Gynecology at a young age. She is an accredited Colposcopist who was trained under British Colposcopy Society. Her experiences abroad allows her to handle high risk Obstetric cases with good proficiency.

Dr.Sri Revathy Sadasivam received YOUNG ACHEIVER AWARD 2016 – Issued by Leiutenant Governer of Puducherry. Dr.Kiran Bedi IPS