What is surrogacy ?

Surrogacy is a legal procedure whereby Genetic couples hire a surrogate mother to carry their baby till birth. A surrogate mother only rents her womb for the baby to grow. She will not have any genetic connection with the baby she grows.

Who needs surrogacy ?

  • Women who had already underwent hysterectomy
  • Women who do not have uterus since birth
  • Women with serious medical disorder which would not permit her to become pregnant
  • Couples with recurrent IVF failures
  • Couples with recurrent abortions
  • Women with anomalous uterus or any kind of severe uterine problem

Is surrogacy a safe procedure to undergo ?

Surrogacy is a safe legal procedure to undergo , provided you choose the right legally accredited centre for surrogacy. A legal consultant would facilitate this process right from the start of IVF for the genetic couple till handing over the baby to the genetic couple . Surrogacy is a completely hassle free procedure if you choose the right fertility unit.

Is surrogacy possible with donor egg ?

Yes , surrogacy is possible with donor egg programme as well.

Can surrogacy be done via IUI ?

No , surrogacy can’t be done via IUI . Surrogacy can be done only through IVF .

Is surrogacy a very expensive procedure ?

No couples undergoing surrogacy would also incur the same charges as like other couples undergoing IVF . The additional charges would be for the surrogate mother food and other living expenses for the next few months till she delivers .

How to choose a surrogate mother ?

The surrogate mother would be young and healthy . A complete , thorough screening of her medical fitness for pregnancy would be done before the embryo transfer procedure . Infectious disease screening would be done and complete genetic study would be performed .We make sure that the surrogate mother is 100 % fit for the procedure physically and mentally.

Why choose our unit for surrogacy ?

  • We guarantee 90 % success rate for surrogacy programme.
  • Transparent and ethical approach
  • An exclusive surrogacy co – ordinator for each couple undergoing surrogacy who would make their entire journey trouble free. The co- ordinator ensures proper bonding of the genetic couple and the surrogate mother , takes in charge of all the legal procedures till the issue of birth certificate .
  • Our surrogacy package is the most cost effective package in the whole of India which attracts lot of couples seeking surrogacy from all across the country .