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Best IVF Centre in Srilankan

I will not be able to suggest a better Infertility clinic to my Srilankan friends other than GENESIS IVF. We were married since 12 years and underwent IVF twice in Colombo and twice in Chennai. We were on the verge of giving up our treatment , when we got to know about BAPC treatment in Genesis IVF . We met the consultants and had a detailed counseling session of how this treatment works . Me and my husband had a great confidence in this clinic because of their transparent and ethical approach. Now we are a happy family of 4 with 2 baby boys .

Mrs. Perera 38 yrs , Kandy

Best infertility service under one roof . I had Azoospermia , and I was advised to undergo donor semen treatment in srilanka. I read about SPERM MAPPING procedure in GENESIS IVF and went to India. My treatment is successful. Thanks to GENESIS IVF.

Mr. Muhammad Rehman43 yrs , Hatton
Best IVF Centre in Srilankan
Best IVF Centre in Srilankan

I sincerely thank Dr. Nirmala Sadasivam and Dr.Sri Revathy Sadasivam . They provided not just fertility treatment but hospitality was also so good. Right from Airport pick up , currency conversion ,Singhala translator service everything was so well taken care of . We never felt being in a foreign country despite not knowing the local language. We went to Genesis IVF as a couple and now we are a family. The Almighty blessed us with a baby girl.

Mrs.Dilrukshi34 yrs, Colombo

Best infertility treatment at the most economical rate.

Mrs. Dipa Jayawardane 29 yrs , Vavuniya
Best IVF Centre in Srilankan
"Twice the Blessing Twice the Fun Two miracles instead of One!"
"Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little toes, Fill our hearts with love that overflows!"

International Patients

About Genesis IVF Advanced Fertility Centre

Genesis Ivf Advanced Fertility Centre is a part of 300 bedded Multispeciality hospital.This centre was started 25 yrs back and continues to be one of the the leading centres of India due to its transparent and ethical practice. More than 20,000 childless couples had been benefitted from this centre. This centre maintains its excellence because of the well qualified team of doctors and cutting edge technology which gives the highest success rate to the couples. Individualized patient care provides the ultimate patient satisfaction.

Why Choose us ?


  • The world level recognition to this centre dawned when the World’s Eldest couple 64 yrs- 74 yrs old couple delivered in our centre in 2004.
  • India’s First Capsule test tube baby was born in our centre in 2013 – the most affordable and pocket friendly IVF for young couples
  • The leading pioneers of Blastocyst technique in INDIA – the highest success yielding technology
  • IVF Laboratory with cutting edge technology
  • State of Art Cryo facilities for storing Eggs, Sperms and Embryos
  • Unique therapy for couples with Recurrent Ivf Failure
  • Ultimate patient satisfaction due to individualized patient approach.
  • UK Trained team of fertility and Embryology experts
  • Delivered 20,000 + IVF babies

If we wish to travel to India , whom should we contact ?

If you are planning to travel to India for treatment ,before the first visit it would be optimum to mail us your previous medical records to the below mail id: sada.reva.9.6.88@gmail.com. Our International Patients Co ordinator would give you the most appropriate time to travel to India depending on your cycle.If you have any queries to be clarified ,an Online consultation would be arranged with one of our Fertility experts and you can plan your trip accordingly.

How do we arrange our Medical VISA ?

If you have decided the dates of your travel to India , just mail to the below mail ID : sada.reva.9.6.88@gmail.com. Within 48 hrs of your mail , Our local co ordinator would contact you and help you out with the Medical VISA along with the VISA invitation letter from the hospital

How many days do I have to stay in India ?

30 days of stayal would be ideal if pre work up had already been done.

How about our Accomodation and food ?

Hospital has a separate team which works for International patients to take care of your accommodation and food preferences (including Halal certified food). Once your Medical VISA is confirmed, our in house team will contact you regarding your accommodation and food preferences. The Hospital would arrange for the airport pick up and before you arrive , your accommodation would be arranged for the entire duration of your stay.

Will there be airport pick up ?

Ya , the hospital would arrange for the airport pick up. And our Hospital PRO would help you with the local currency conversion.

In case of any query or assistance whom should we contact ?

: +91 9865196660
: +91 9842796660