Embryo Transfer Procedure for IVF

Depending on the no; of available grade I day 3 embryos, either DAY 3 ET or Day 3 & Day 5 embryo transfer which is called SEQUENTIAL ET is done.

Day 3 Transfer : After 72 hrs of culture day 3 Embryos will have 8 inner cells. Three of them are transfered to the uterus (Choosing the best day 3 embryo willbe ideal to augment the success rate). Rest of the 8 celled embryos will be left for Blastocyst culture till day 5 / day 6.

Day 5 / 6 Transfer : Blastocyst are examined under inverted microscope for identifying the viable ones, by comparing the INNER CELL MASS and outer cell TROPHECTODERM Ratio. Best one is chosen for ET, using very soft embryo Transfer catheter.

Transfer Techniques are unique for each center which plays major role in deciding the success rates. To improve the implantation we use “Embryo Glue“, while transfering them into uterus. Embryo glue is nothing but HYALARUNON, an essential molecule which is found naturally in the reproductive tract of a woman to aid in further growth and nidation.