Repeated IVF failures? What next to do?

Posted on July 15, 2020. By Admin

In case of IVF failure, the couples are usually stressed as IVF is the highest end of fertility treatment and all the couples have ultimate hope over this process. At the best fertility hospital, the couples are always advised to have a positive attitude towards fertility treatment but they should be aware that IVF is not a 100 % guaranteed procedure. Pregnancy is a natural event to happen, scientific help would suffice 70 % guaranteed success but still, 30 % failure can happen at any step.

After an IVF failure what can be done next to enhance IVF success rate:

Day 5 extended embryo culture:According to our infertility specialist culturing the embryos for 5 days instead of 2 days or 3 days would enhance the overall success rate.

Endometrial scratching:This procedure involves the brushing of inner lining of the uterus with a thin catheter. This promotes the release of numerous growth factors in the uterus which enhances the process of embryo implantation.

Hysteroscopy:In case of unexplained IVF failures, it is always a wise choice to do hysteroscopy i.e. to look into the uterine cavity. This helps us to rule out unidentified uterine problems which prevent the process of embryo implantation.

Laser Hatching:Promotes the embryo to get attached to the uterine wall. Elderly aged women, PCOS women and those with unexplained infertility are most likely to benefit from this therapy.

Embryo Glue: Is a form of culture media in which embryos are placed before embryo transfer. This improves the adhesiveness of the embryo to the uterine wall and enhances the success rate.

BAPC:Is a form of peripheral stem cell therapy that helps women who have had multiple previous IVF failures and recurrent abortion. In the perspective of the best gynecologist, it makes the intrauterine environment more receptive to the embryo and enhances the success rate significantly.