What is IUI? A complete overview

Posted on June 10, 2020. By Admin

IUI fertility treatment procedure is carried out in couples who fail to conceive naturally.

It is a less expensive procedure that is affordable by all couples

The IUI fertility success rate varies between 20 – 35 % depending on the age of the wife and husband’s semen parameters. IUI helps couples with mild sperm problems, ovulation problems, unilateral tubal block, and couples with sexual dysfunction.

Steps of IUI

  • Tablets + injections to stimulate egg growth
  • Scan – to make sure of egg growth and to administer ovulation injection (HCG)
  • On the day of ovulation – husband sperms are washed, prepared and injected into the uterus of the women. It needs no admission or Anaesthesia. It is a simple day care procedure
  • After the procedure, the patient is discharged home after 2 – 3 hours

The maximum success rate of IUI lies in the first 3 cycles. Beyond the 3rd cycle success rate drops down to < 10 %.

IUI is less likely to benefit women with low egg reserve, severe endometriosis, major uterine problem, husband sperm count < 10 million / ml, or any kind of major sperm abnormalities.