LOW AMH – What is next to do?

Posted on June 23, 2020. By Admin

When a woman is diagnosed with low AMH levels, it means that she has a poor ovarian reserve to become pregnant and she needs the low AMH treatment. AMH < 2 ng/ml is considered to be low. When a low AMH diagnosis is made, irrespective of the age of women, she should start her fertility treatment without any kind of delay. In a woman with low AMH, success rate with IUI is less than 25 %, so they should not delay treatment with IUI alone. After 2-3 cycles of IUI, the couple should decide about IVF. IVF would be the most ideal treatment. Stimulation regimen for these women would be different, they would need growth hormone injections apart from the regular hormonal injections that we use for other women. Medications to improve ovarian blood flow is needed for them. Pre Ovarian priming with certain medications and gel is mandatory in women with low egg count to avoid treatment failure. IVF LITE is a new protocol which stimulates the ovaries mildly and naturally, would be of benefit to young aged women with low egg reserve. As a last resort, women who do not respond adequately, who do not grow a good number of eggs need ovarian rejuvenation treatment in India.

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