ICSI Treatment : Be Blessed With A Baby

Posted on May 19, 2017. By Admin

ICSI is Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection procedure, which is entailing single sperm injection directly into an egg to fertilize it. This fertilized egg (embryo) is further placed into uterus of female. The process is similar to IVF, however the only difference is that IVF is performed in a patri dish whereas in ICSI the doctor selects specific sperm sample that further directly injected into an egg cell.

ICSI is considered as most successful type of fertility treatment. ICSI process uses micromanipulation technique in which a specific microscope and tiny surgical tools are using to pick up and handle single sperm and inject directly into an egg. There are five major steps in the process

  • Taking a sperm sample
  • Extracted eggs from the ovaries
  • Injected the sperm into an egg using a tiny needle
  • Observe growth and development of the fertilized egg
  • Implant one normal growth embryo into uterus to further grow

Most fertility clinic uses fresh sperm for the process but some others prefer frozen sperm. There is no visible difference in pregnancy rates by using any type of sperm.

ICSI is recommended, if

  • Have a very low sperm count
  • Have poor quality sperm such as poor motility, poor morphology
  • Low fertilization rate or failure
  • Using frozen sperm
  • Using embryo testing
  • Sperm collection is surgically dependent

Benefits of ICSI

  • Fertilization is possible even having a low sperm count
  • Helps in severe infertility problems
  • Help people to conceive
  • Help to conceive even having blocked tubes

Risk Factors of ICSI

  • Eggs may become spoiled
  • Embryo might fail to develop after the fertilization
  • Possibility of occurring genetic defects

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