How Post Natal Care is a must for young mothers

Posted on Jan 20, 2019. By Admin

1 million men go diagnosed with infertility each year in India with many more who are not diagnosed at all. Many men can improve their fertility by making simple lifestyle changes. Men can be assured that fertility issues that require treatment are highly treatable with considerable success. Men do not wish to think about fertility to avoid learning more due to the fear of the unknown. Learning more about basic male fertility can help to wipe out fear and confusion. In this blog, we are going to debunk some myths surrounding male infertility.

Myth 1: Age does not affect male fertility

If you are older and looking to conceive a semen analysis can help you evaluate shape and motility. Studies have shown from time to time that male fertility decreases with age. The study has also found a direct link between the age of the man and increased risk of autism and schizophrenia. Fathers are said to pass on as many as 4 times more genetic mutations when compared to mothers. If you plan to delay fatherhood, you can preserve fertility by freezing sperm in an inexpensive way to freeze your fertility in time.

Myth 2: Smoking does not affect male fertility

Stats don’t lie. Smoking decreases the chances of male fertility by 30%. Cutting out cigarettes is a health advantage that most don’t recognize how harmful cigarettes can be to fertility. Smokers may also have up to 10 to 0 % lower monthly fertility rate. Smoking as few as 5 cigarettes a day is associated with lower fertility rate in males as well as females.

Myth 3: Cell phones, laptops, bicycles don’t have an effect on semen quality

Heat is extreme amounts can damage the testes and decline semen quality. A recent study has found the heat created from laptops can affect sperm motility and cause DNA damage. Cell phone emissions can cause sperm damage, make sure you keep the phones in the back pocket or put a fan under your laptop. Men should be careful in putting too much time on the bike or lounging too long in a hot tub. There is not much to worry, as semen quality also typically declines in extreme use or regular exposure.

 Myth 4: In a healthy male, all sperm are healthy

In an average male, only 14% of sperm is said to be of strict morphology having normal shape, size and ability to move properly. While this may be deemed to be low, remember that you need to have just one sperm to fertilize an egg to become pregnant.

Myth 5: Weight does not affect fertility.

A multitude of health issues may prevail in case of extra weight wreaking havoc on male fertility. Obesity can cause elevated estrogens and low testosterone levels causing the sperm count to decrease. Overweight males can experience decreased libido. A simple solution is to calculate your BMO or Body Mass Index, which can provide a healthy numerical range based on height and weight working towards it. Exercise will help you increase energy, decrease weight and help equalize testosterone and libido levels.

Myth 6: Diet does not affect male fertility.

To put in simple terminology you are what you eat. Men who consume a high-fat diet have found to have a decreased sperm count. Conversely, a plant-based diet has been found to improve fertility and overall health. Make sure you stock up your refrigerator with whole foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables etc and avoid thick cuts of meat and refined carbs such as white bread, cake etc.

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